Venue: The Albany

Time: Thursday 14.00-18.00, Friday & Saturday 10.00-18.00

Age Range: Suitable for ages 5+

UV+ME PIC_small


The sun is our friend – or so we thought! It emits rays in the form of ultra violet radiation: UV is important for our health, but everyone knows what happens if you get too much sunshine… IT BURNS! And during the Great Deptford Solar Storm of 2016, more UV radiation than normal has been pushed to the Earth….

UV + ME is a game that’s part luck, part strategy and all fun – every time you are exposed to one of our walking, talking SOLAR FLARES you’ll receive a dose of “UV”** which will mark you with invisible ink.

**not real UV radiation

In order to see what “dose” you’ve received, you’ll have to visit the Glow Bar or the Dark Side of the Light, our two special UV rooms, where the mark will become visible.

If you’re lucky – you’ll have a healthy dose of Vitamin D, but if you’re unlucky, and you are “Marked for Mutation” a visit to the MUTATION GENERATION UNIT is in store!


Children must be supervised by parents/carers at all times. UV reactive invisible ink is non-toxic but should be avoided by those with sensitive skins.