Venue: The Albany, Orange Room, ticketed

Time: Friday & Saturday 10.00 – 11.30

Age Range: Suitable for age 7+, 10 spaces per workshop


SMASHfestUK: Sinead Kempley


Use electric paint and recycled materials to create simple circuits which will light up Deptford after the solar storm has wiped out all electricity. We will also be recording and adding sounds into the mini Deptford we build using sensors, electric paint and a touch board. This means that when someone touches the different parts of our 3D world it will make a noise!

In these one-off workshops you will find out about insulating and conductive materials (including conductive paint), how to record sound & how to use a sensor and touch board to add sound into a sculpture or paper project.

Join in and help bring light and sound back to Deptford after the solar storm has wiped out electricity using electric paint, LEDs and sensors!


This is a family workshop and children must be supervised by parents/carers at all times