public Stargazing

Drop-in activity

Monday 16th February: 1800-2100

Wednesday 18th February 1800-2100

Albany Theatre Garden

The Flamsteed Astronomy Society will be bringing telescopes, cameras and other astronomical equipment so that visitors can view objects in the night sky, including the planet Jupiter and a recently discovered comet. In the event of poor weather, Flamsteed volunteers will be on hand to discuss astronomy, telescopes and astrophotography with visitors. Whatever the weather, radio equipment capable of detecting meteors burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere will also be demonstrated.

amateur astronomy

The Flamsteed has around 350 members who represent the full range of interests and experience in astronomy. Many are beginners. It is named after the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed.

The Society was founded in 1999, and is part of the membership organisation of Royal Museums Greenwich.

We are an affiliated society of the British Astronomical Association and members of The Federation of Astronomical Societies.