Venue: Solar Storm Survival Unit: The Albany Garden

Time: Thursday 18th February PM – Saturday 20th February PM

Age range: Suitable for ages 8+


Middlesex University Department of Design Engineering and Mathematics: Wyn Griffiths, Neil Melton and Colin Moss


The power has gone. We’re in the dark. We’re cold. The Solar Storm Survival Unit, out in the Albany Theatre Garden ‘Survival Village’ will be making light and creating power in lots of ways, to help us recover our technological lives from the disaster. Do you think you can pedal your way to charging your mobile phone? What about your hairdryer? Your tablet? Can pedal power save us?

Pedal your way to the top of the ‘Powerboard’. Collaborate with a partner to pump the power even higher!



Children must be supervised by parents/carers at all times.