Venue: Solar Storm Survival Unit: Albany Garden

Time:  Thursday 14.00 – 18.00, Friday & Saturday 10.00 – 18.00

Age Range: Suitable for ages 6 – 16

build a battery

SMASHfestUK (Dr Nate, Dr Indi and the Young Science Explainers)

Build A Battery Countdown


The massive geomagnetic storm following the solar flare creating huge electrical currents in every electronic circuit, causing them to go up in flames. We have no electricity, no power, no light and no heat. Can you create power from just the things you find on the SSSU shelves?


In our Countdown style matching game, pick one from the top, two from the middle and 2 from the bottom to see if your components can generate electricity before the countdown clock runs out!


The catch? This is the food store! We have available a selection of drinks, vegetables and a few bits and pieces of DIY hardware…think that’s enough to power a LED to see with? Or a radio to make contact with the outside world? – think again and try to beat the clock AND the voltmeter. Will it be enough to charge up your Nintendo DS? Find out inside!



Children must be supervised by parents/carers at all times