Albany Theatre

Wednesday 18th February

Drop-in workshops 1200/1400/1600

performances : 1000

TICKETS: £0/2/4/6/8

This picture might look interesting and perhaps even beautiful in a certain light – but these little pink critters could give you the fright of your life! This is Salmonella, and its just one of the SalmonellaNIAIDdelightful bacteria that, should we become infected with it, can cause the world to fall out of our bottoms!


This delightful romp through the “Really?”, “No WAY” and “EURGH!” of the human body will introduce us to the bodily fluids we know so well, and how, as much as we find them disgusting, can give us a fascinating insight into what is happening inside our bodies when things go wrong




Performance biologist and former Really Wild Show star, Howie Watkins will star in this 45 minute special which will leave you needing to clean your hands…..but knowing exactly how to do it to make sure you don’t get sick even if you do touch something you shouldn’t!