Patient Zero:

Albany Theatre/Deptford Lounge

Monday 16th February – drop-in

Wednesday 18th February – drop-in

In the aftermath of an asteroid strike in South London, we believe the water supply has become contaminated. Some who have drunk from it are beginning to display worrying symptoms. A shuffling gait, eruptions and oozing skin and a seeming fearlessness. Yes a zombie apocalypse could be about to hit us, but how will we know who is infected? How far might it spread? In this interactive game we will watch as “infected” individuals move among us and interact with SMASHfestUK festival goers, silently spreading their deadly menace. Pick up a vial from the Albany Theatre or the Deptford Lounge and take the gamble as we see who are the lucky ones…..and who becomes contaminated!


 PATIENT ZERO – watch it spread.