Venue: The Albany, roving performers

Time: Friday & Saturday 10am-5pm

Age Range: Suitable for age 4+

Guerilla Science Fruit Flies 3

Guerilla Science


Roll up, roll up! An array of human-sized fruit fliesis coming to Deptford. Step right up for your chance to meet our troupe of colourful characters as they showcase their remarkable abilities for your entertainment and astonishment. Hairy marvels! Eyeless wonders! Deformed monstrosities! All in the form of… the humble fruit fly.

For over 100 years fruit flies have been the workhorse of geneticists, casting light on the role of genes in driving development and revealing fascinating insights into human biology. Find the giant fruit flies and be amazed by the stories from these unsung heroes of scientific research today!


Children must be supervised by parents/carers at all times.