The quickest, dirtiest blog in the world is to ensue – quick because the post-it notes stuck all around my Mac screen (my “to do” list) have now gone a full circle and are beginning to smother one another, and dirty because I have been so busy that I haven’t managed to shower yet today (I know, yuck, but its preparing me for the apocalyptic nightmare that is SMASHfestUK which is imminently about to descend on South London)

Questions I have answered in the last hour alone include: “Can we cope without the star speaker?” (just), “can you give us some money by Friday?” (depends how much), “how many litres of UV reflective lubricant are we actually going to need?” (5 gallons, don’t ask) and “will the venue mind if I set myself on fire?” (probably not, but they did object to the preceding question which was “can I set a member of the audience on fire?”)

All in all a fairly normal, if hectic, day in the life of a producer. Whilst doing all this and temporarily using my own living room as a production hub with anywhere between 2 and 8 team members here at any one time, the house is like Grand Central Station and oh, did I forget, the builders are in too – no, that’s not a euphemism.

If you want to know a bit more about why these questions have arisen – go have a look on the Events page, and some might become clear. If you like what you see, the tickets are beginning to become available on the Albany website…and come along! – they’re free* (or pay what you can) so there’s nothing to stop you. And we wont set you on fire. Promise. (The insurance won’t cover it) although we may turn you into a zombie.



* with the single exception of the End of the World Cabaret with Mat Ricardo which is still a TINY SNIP at a fiver or a tenner.