Albany Theatre Garden

Monday 16th February to Wednesday 18th February

1000-1800 – drop-in

HAXBOX are interactive exhibits riffing around the idea of gaming and leisure in a post apocalyptic world.

haxboxSmashfest Apocalypse Scene

Asteroid strike?

The internet is broken, your xStation playBox has melted, Splutify is silent, and whoTube is just grey noise. If we scour the deserted streets, the smashed-up  shops and burned-out buildings we might get enough stuff together to start over…

…introducing post apocalyptic innovation from redLoop @ Middlesex University, bringing you entertainment in the survival village.

Play Phigital Wiff Waff – a super mash-up of bicycle powered, old school pong and high-tech projection mapping wizardry.
Bust some choonz on the redLoopz, zombie hip-hop machine – beats, bass, samples and loops for you to program, configure and trigger.