Venue: Solar Storm Survival Unit: The Albany Garden

Time: Thursday 14.00 – 18.00, Friday & Saturday 10.00 – 18.00

Age Range: Suitable for ages 5 – 15


SMASHfestUK with Dr Nate, Dr Indi and the Young Science Explainers

As if it wasn’t bad enough being without electric power during the daytime, it also means we’ve been plunged into inky darkness at night! What can we possibly do to see us through the hours of winter blackness late at night?

Well some might suggest you could drink your cares away, in our amazing Glow In The Dark Kids Cocktail Bar. First of all find out where on the electromagnetic spectrum we are and play our energy bar stool game to find out why some things will glow under UV light and others just dont.

Not only will our fluorescent bar staff show you the art of glow in the dark mixology where you can create your own glowing cocktails, but you can also investigate how chemicals can react together to produce light….no electricity required! All this and take home your own glow in the dark lantern… With fluorescent face-painting and secret spy UV ink writing, there’s no end of chemical craziness at the Glow Bar!

Children must be supervised by parents/carers at all times. Dim lighting, care must be taken. All drinks are non-alcoholic and safe for children.