Monday 13th to Friday 17th February

Deptford Lounge

10:00 to 16:00

JENNY EDBROOKE (artist-in-residence)

As Deptford disappers under a cloud of volcanic ash, hide out with SMASHfestUK artist-in-residence Jenny Edbrooke in the Deptford Lounge and create some artistic eruptions of your own. Let your imagination run free in making a range of fantastic volcano themed art. Take home your volcanic creations to remind you of this year’s SMASHfestUK adventure



Sora’s life began in flight from Montserrat and the darkness of an island shrouded in volcanic ash. Now the world seems darker again, riven with fear. London has always been Sora’s home but she feels like it is changing. She has never visited Montserrat but she is wondering whether living in the shadow of a volcano is worse than living surrounded by people who are afraid of each other. Something is pulling her back. SMASHfestUK’s unique company of young actors tell Sora’s story in a funny, moving and original new production


VOLCANO GRAFFITI TEEPEE (art installation by Luke Brabants)

Graffiti artist Luke Brabants creates stunning visions using spray paints to transform buildings, vans, skateboards and anything else he can paint on.

Working alongside SMASHfestUK resident artist Jenny Edbroke, Luke needs your help to make epic volcanoes that will rock this world. Come and test out your skills using spray cans or learn tips on how to create awesome


SECRET FILM CLUB (check in Debtford Lounge for times)

Join the SMASHfestUK film club for a festival season of mystery films (but there might just be some volcanoes…)



Snuggle down and listen to a story. Tales of volcanos, adventure and discovery. Let your imagination lead the way and journey into the unknown. Who knows where you will go? Details at the information desk



Want to know where to go, what to do and what to see? Our information stand has all the answers. Come visit us and we will tell you where to go…But in a nice way!



Roll up, roll up! To be part of the SMASHfestUK experience, we will be issuing every young visitor with their very own persionalised ID card and SMASHfestUK Passport. If you manage to visit 12 separate SMASHfestUK events, you can win a FREE under-16 ticket to the Science Museum’s brand new Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery.



Enter the belly of the beast! Inside our volcano styled temple, fashioned from upcycled materials, listen to the stories of people who have lived through and survived real volcanic eruptions. Could you survive? Imagine what it would be like if a real volcano erupted in Deptford!