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The Moment of Impact Show

albany theatre wednesday 16th february 2015 1930 – 2100 Tickets: ¬£0/2/4/6/8 (Free or Pay What You Will) Its happening! An asteroid is heading for Earth and its getting closer and closer. Over at Mission Control, a crack team have been trying to figure out whether if there’s a way to avoid Armageddon, but have they…

People’s Ark (#FRIDGIE)

The people’s ark is a participatory public art installation based around the theme of a time capsule. If an asteroid really was going to flatten everything – what would you want to leave as a memory of yourself, your life, your legacy for a future generation to find? Our refrigerators often tell a fascinating story….

Patient Zero: Monday 16th February and Wednesday 18th February

Patient Zero: Albany Theatre/Deptford Lounge Monday 16th February – drop-in Wednesday 18th February – drop-in In the aftermath of an asteroid strike in South London, we believe the water supply has become contaminated. Some who have drunk from it are beginning to display worrying symptoms. A shuffling gait, eruptions and oozing skin and a seeming…

SMASHfestUK Talks Series Kicks Off with Nanotech

Dr Suze Kundu,¬†launches the SMASHfestUK series of talks this evening with “How nanotech can save us post-asteroid-impact!” at Middlesex University. For Science!!!!