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The Moment of Impact Show

albany theatre wednesday 16th february 2015 1930 – 2100 Tickets: £0/2/4/6/8 (Free or Pay What You Will) Its happening! An asteroid is heading for Earth and its getting closer and closer. Over at Mission Control, a crack team have been trying to figure out whether if there’s a way to avoid Armageddon, but have they…

SMASHfestUK Survival Village

ALBANY THEATRE GARDEN 16TH – 22ND FEBRUARY SPECIAL BUILD WORKSHOPS FOR 5-16’S MONDAY 16TH FEBRUARY 2015 1000-1700 In the aftermath of a disaster (lets just say for case of argument, a massive asteroid lands on London!) creating shelter from the elements and re-establishing a sense of community is all-important.  Come and join in our survival village…

The Story has started

Zombie Run - Promo Pic

The story has started, and as promised aspects of SMASHfestUK will be ‘on-the-street’ participatory experiences. This is a picture from the SMASHfestUK photoshoot, which took place in New Cross, yesterday. People were a bit puzzled / startled by the zombie chasing a man in broad daylight through South East London.