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Lewisham Youth Conference 2015

Goldsmiths University Saturday 21st February TICKETS: Free but you must register in advance All of the stories and events at SMASHfestUK are inspired by, and designed to uncover how studying subjects in science, technology, engineering and maths can be useful in a myriad of jobs and careers. From architecture, to construction, from plumbing to sanitation and…

People’s Ark (#FRIDGIE)

The people’s ark is a participatory public art installation based around the theme of a time capsule. If an asteroid really was going to flatten everything – what would you want to leave as a memory of yourself, your life, your legacy for a future generation to find? Our refrigerators often tell a fascinating story….

Patient Zero: Monday 16th February and Wednesday 18th February

Patient Zero: Albany Theatre/Deptford Lounge Monday 16th February – drop-in Wednesday 18th February – drop-in In the aftermath of an asteroid strike in South London, we believe the water supply has become contaminated. Some who have drunk from it are beginning to display worrying symptoms. A shuffling gait, eruptions and oozing skin and a seeming…

The Story has started

Zombie Run - Promo Pic

The story has started, and as promised aspects of SMASHfestUK will be ‘on-the-street’ participatory experiences. This is a picture from the SMASHfestUK photoshoot, which took place in New Cross, yesterday. People were a bit puzzled / startled by the zombie chasing a man in broad daylight through South East London.