SMASHfestUK Wellcome Trust Grant Application Supporting Documents and Evidence

Reference 1: Aspires Report

Reference 2: Warwick Report

Reference 3: SMASHfestUK 2015 Evaluation Summary – Flow Associates

Reference 4: SMASHfestUK Evaluation Report 2016

Reference 5: SMASHfestUK 2017 Evaluation Report

Reference 6a: SMASHfestUK One Page Business Plan

Reference 6b: Proposed Wellcome Trust Budget 2018 to 2019

Reference 6c: Business Vision

Reference 7: Wellcome Trust Indicative Content 2018 and 2019

Reference 8: Lewisham Poverty Report

Reference 10: RCUK Science Talent Contest

Reference 9:

Graphic from SMASHfestUK2017 report indicates 53% of young people post SMASHfestUK strongly agree or agree interest in a further STEM career as opposed to the background from Aspires of 15%. 56% of Young People visiting SMASHfestUK in 2017 were female. This has been a consistent finding since 2015