There’s a Super-volcano about to erupt in February 2017.

Life as we know it is under threat…,

SMASHfestUK is back for its third year and things are getting scarier

Deptford Lounge 13th to 17th February 2017

The Albany Theatre 16th to 17th February 2017

Unbeknownst to the good people of Deptford a super volcano has been sleeping gently under Lewisham and things are going to get hot! The next SMASHfestUK explores how to survive and rebuild when everything you know has been shaken to bits, smothered in ash or plain cooked. And what to do when the very air you breathe can kill you, the plants and animals are dead and it’s raining sulphuric acid… As usual there will be a vast variety of activities, workshops, interactions and explorations. The return of some old favourites and the arrival of new enticing, exciting, engaging and just plain fun things to do. And this includes the building of a world record beating volcano right in the gardens of the Albany Theatre! So how can you miss it! Dates are the 13th to 17th February 2017 at the Deptford Lounge and 16th and 17th February at the Albany Theatre. So a make a note. And as usual it is all for FREE! (except for our evening fundraiser; SMASHfestUK presents: We did start the fire!) We have some great ideas and everything is underway and as things become firmed up you'll be the first to know - so watch this space!


Venues & Events

The Albany | Deptford Lounge

Deptford Lounge

The SMASHfestUK week-long residency at the Deptford lounge erupts on the 13th February 2017. Explore the depths of a volcanoes innards and listen to tales of those who survived the heat of natures wrath. Stories are told both from book and film whilst a new and improved Disaster Market Sweep returns. Can you collect what you need to survive! Residence artists return including the decoration of the SMASHfestUK car! If you want to find out about volcanoes here is the place to come:Follow the trail and see where it takes you...Finally can you help the explorers Escape the Volcano?


The Albany 

As you walk through the door of the Albany all is new with information, lava and activities from the moment you walk through the door. Meet the scientist and discover volcanoes on those world and beyond. For you early birds Comedy Club 4 Kids is back starting at 10:00; begin the day with a laugh! Then our play is back and our variety shows on both the Thursday and Friday, the SMASHfest SMASHup and the Fire Mountain Show. As a special event on Thursday we have the Doomsday project. That evening, still in the Auditorium, is our one paid event SMASHfestUK presents: We did start the fire! A SMASHfestUK fundraiser.

But that is not all! We have shows like Dr Death back and one on the psychology of survival. Music is in the mix with science rap and maths folk. Do you know how smelly volcanoes are? Find out you might not like the result! And they're not just on this planet...Talking of which Simon Guerrier is here to talk with clips about Dr Who predicting Ice-canoes and Dougal Earth talks volcano tales with Victor the Volcano.

Upstairs map your way out danger and then find your way out of danger with Escape the Volcano! Can you escape a fiery death with the help of the remote rescuers? Do you have all you need and if you don't where do you need to go. Who will help?

Maybe you can find that in the Survival Village out in the garden. Here the Volcano Survival Centre lets you discover what you need to survive the volcano's fiery breath. And the Volcano Prediction Center tells you went to run  - if you're fast enough! Engineers let you discover to how to heat and cook, gather water, purify and filter it. To eat, grow mushrooms for food and take them home! Den building is back  - is your shelter good enough for you to survive? And Maths structures make a welcome return.

Structurally looming over all is the giant volcano smoking gently  - who knows when it will blow/ will you be safe, will any of us be safe?

All this and more to confirm is happening this year (including the welcome return of stop motion animation with Neon Mountain) make sure your there or end up crispy!