Venue: Deptford Lounge Time: 15th-20th February Age Range: Suitable for ages 4+ Middlesex University Product Design Final Year Students  Staff: Wyn Griffiths, Neil Melton, Colin Moss What would you do without your mobile phone? ‘Empe’ will answer your questions... ‘Super Solar Storm’ is 2016’s SMASHfestUK theme. The world faces destruction of all electronic and electrical infrastructure, throwing us back into the mechanical age, while we rebuild. The mobile phone has become the icon of the current age. Practically invaluable and emotionally cherished. How could we recreate the key functions of the mobile phone, using mechanical technology? Come to Deptford Lounge and get into Empe… How can you ‘phone a friend’, take a photo, watch a film, play music, share your thoughts on social media…without electronics?! Empe takes you into a mechanical world of unexpected answers…   Children must be supervised by parents/carers at all times.