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Vound Software partners with SMASHfestUK

For 2016, and beyond, international eDiscovery company Vound Software will be sponsoring SMASHfestUK to support their mission of inspiring and developing the next generation of creative problem solvers worldwide. Vound blogged about Solar Storm, the 2016 story: “Imagine this, no more TV, no heat, no phones, no social media, the transport system has ground to…

What is SMASHfestUK?

  SMASHfestUK is a science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine through the arts and design festival for young people, in Deptford, South East London during the February half term holidays. A mix of entertainment, sic-fi and immersive adventure the festival is themed around a gripping story of a unifying threat to humanity! The pilot in…

The Story has started

Zombie Run - Promo Pic

The story has started, and as promised aspects of SMASHfestUK will be ‘on-the-street’ participatory experiences. This is a picture from the SMASHfestUK photoshoot, which took place in New Cross, yesterday. People were a bit puzzled / startled by the zombie chasing a man in broad daylight through South East London.

Blog: Behind The Scenes at SMASHfestUK

Your Future?

There’s a world of stuff to find out and try out. We’ve been working with amazing organisations, and they (and the wider Web) have all sorts of help and ideas available if you are thinking about getting involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Medicine (STEM) subjects. Get Involved!